Transcribed nature is an investigation in the spatial conditions of nature, its relations and dimensions. Through the process of transcription the natural forms disappear and a more abstract architectural space occurs. The ambition of this project is to create an architecture that is not designed per se. A natural space is a space that is constructed through a process of time. Our transcribed nature is an attempt to continue this process into the creation of an architectural space.

An actual space in nature was scanned by a 3D laser scanner and then transformed into an accurate 3D model. The specific space was located in a forest outside Oslo along a meandering river. New technology gives us new possibilities and tools to record natural space. An objective analysis is now possible in a more 3-dimensional way than before. With a laser scanner the more ephemeral quality of the space is given more importance; the leaf of the tree is read as massive as the stone on the forest floor.

Man has developed through his dwelling in the complex spatial conditions of nature. The development of a more complex architecture is a search for a space that lies within this history of the human body.

Nature offers a perspective that is in continuously development. Each individual point of view gives a unique reference. This project is an attempt to search for an architecture where the human being feels at rest. A search that is driven by an unconsciousness longing for a more natural architectural space. Within the reconstructed Nordic light of the Venice pavillion our space comes to life.