Student Housing, Deichman axis

Status - Ongoing
Size - 15 000 m2
Location - Bjørvika, Oslo
Client - HAV Eiendom
Cooperation - Lund Hagem Architects

The project is a development of one of the blocks in the Deichman axis, built behind the new Deichman Library. The urban design for this area was part of the competition for the new Deichman Library.

Today's student housing has no common areas other than the outdoor area. The project therefore seeks to create exciting and varied outdoor spaces with good sun conditions in a compact and dense urban situation. Outdoor areas are also helping to organize student residences in different typologies.

The bottom typology of internal communication space has two large atriums that create contact to the street and views to the fjord. Higher up is the student residences organized around a generous courtyard. This unifying outdoor area is elevated for better sunconditions. At the top students will find a roof terrace with a view over the city and the fjord. The three common areas are connected so that one can wander freely between them an find a personal spot for the day.

The whole street level of the block is filled with shops and dining areas of varying size.