Jøssingfjord museum – Dagbrudd

Competition 2011
Status – 3rd. prize
Size – 2000 m2
Place – Jøssingfjord

The project seeks to connect the museum to the fjord and the spectacular scenery.

The project builds further on the existing stone wall towards the river and recreates this. The placement of the building repairs the river edge and gives a project that has no backside. This placement together with a compact volume also creates a generous space between the old power station and the new museum.

The organization of the exhibition rooms will ensure the desired flexibility in relation to the closure of separate rooms. The walk between the exhibition rooms create unexpected and wonderful experiences of the valley, river and mountains, while ensuring good contact between different plans and between exhibitions and foyer. Items from the exhibition rooms can seep into these spaces and lure people up and into the exhibits.

The spatial organization offers thus a walk in the large space of the valley where you are made ​​aware of the assumptions underlying the site's history, river, mountains, buildings, industry and the fjord.