National Museum Norway

Competition 2009
Status – Not Awarded
Size – 50000 m2
Location – Oslo

The project wants to create a museum that is not a new barrier in the city center. The museum contributes instead to associate the city with new possible connections, and form a new natural hub in the city.

The project wants to arrange for an informal meeting between the city and the museum through the sculpture park. The park and museum are merged into each other, so that people in the park may look into the museum and vice versa.

The museum utilizes the properties of the site. It communicates with the immediate surroundings of the open facade at ground level, and takes advantage of the higher potential of the wonderful location of the tower in the back. In the exhibition areas, circulation space and break areas have fantastic views of the fjord, the town hall square and the surrounding city.

The building creates a good relationship with the protected Vestbane buildings and the City Hall through a recessed volume. The museum takes up the heights of the surrounding buildings through a distinctive shape, which clearly indicates its function in the cityscape.

The building has a heavy and tight skin, which protects both the art and the climate in the museum. Openings are located behind the perforated surfaces, which also serves as sun protection. The building will be an experience to move around and form a good basis for experiencing art.